« What are you? » : An impossible question for those who don’t fit in one box.

To all these « others », and to the others, Mixologies offers a multiracial and multicultural experiment through a collection of portraits.

Interviewed about identity, self image, the way people look at them, belonging feeling, love and racism, these mixed-race men and women accepted to play this Q&A game, sharing their life stories and feelings.

So common but sometimes invisible, these in-between two races (or more) are often assigned to embody one side of their mix, one ingredient of their own cocktail. (Who would spontaneously describe Barack Obama or Bob Marley as half-bloods...)

In a society, more than ever facing communitarianism, racism and division, Mixologies is a tribute to these human cocktails, whom singular experience is an example of living together with tolerance , other acceptance and respect for differences...

Mixed people stories !